The board of leaders and the school community of the Tokaji Ferenc Secondary School would like to thank everybody who – with support, assistance and work – contributed to the successful implementation of the 22nd International Junior Eco-Expert Project Week.

We express our special gratitude to the Visegrad Fund for the subsidy and financial support of our objectives.

We say thank to the participating schools: the secondary schools of Yspertal, Austria; Veselí nad Luznicí, the Czech Republic; Cieszyn, Poland and Spojená škola, Rakovice, Slovakia for their constructive cooperation, encouraging attitude and useful assistance in the course of the whole project, from the first steps of the preparatory phase to the closing ceremony. Special thanks to the partner schools’ headmasters and their towns’ mayors.

We are grateful to the Technical Vocational Centre of Szerencs and Rubi Zsoltné Chancellor, Ms Bukta Márta, The Director General the Technical Vocational Centre of Szerencs. We express our gratitude to the Regional Authority of the Klebelsberg Institution Mainanance Centre, to Mr Árpád Szabó, District Director. Special thanks to the Student Hostel of Tokaj and its headmaster, Ms Ladinszki Tünde.

Special thanks to all the eco-project partners for your in-kind contribution which was essential for the implementation of the project.

We are grateful to all the local and regional producers, companies and organisations and to everybody who contributed to this memorable project week.  With their sponsorship and assistance the participants have acquired much knowledge and first hand experience about our environment and have taken a big step to become even more responsible citizens.

Thanks and acknowledgements to all the guests, participants and sponsors of the 22nd International Junior Eco-Expert Project!

With their help seventy students and their teachers have been working together on environmental issues to preserve our nature, have made friends, have experienced community of persons coming from different nations, have successfully cooperated with each other and could improve their language skills and widened their perspective of the world.

The twenty-first International Junior Eco-Expert Project is to be organised in Veseli nad Luznici, in the Czech Republic. We are looking forward to meeting all the partner schools in twenty-twenty-three.

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