During the day our guests – together with local students and teachers – took part in a study trip by bus.
First of all, we spent a few exciting hours in the Adventure Park of Sátoraljaújhely. There we had the chance of trying Europe’s longest Alpine Coaster. All of the participants had a great time during the trip. The Zemplén Adventure Park is Hungary’s most exciting park of pleasant experiences. There are some things to do like chairlift on the Magas hill, BOB track, climbing Wall Centre, Tubby tracks, Extreme slide through ropeway – „Hawk” and much more. Unfortunately, our students did not have much time, so we were only on BOB track. In our opinion that was a very exciting experience because of sharp turns on the track and high acceleration. Everybody was very excited and it was really cool.
Some information about the bobsleigh: it is the country’s and the region’s longest bob track with its length of 2275 metres. The sliding is done by an absolutely secure bobsleigh fixed on four pipes. Every passenger controls the bobsleigh independently, which automatically brakes down at a speed of 37 km/h, which also ensure the safety of sliding. The features, location and beauty of the track provide an unforgettable experience to velocity-enthusiasts.
The other highlight of the day was Fűzérradvány, which is a little village in Northeast Hungary. There, in a wonderful natural environment, can be found the Károlyi Castle.
The property was given to the Károlyi family in 1686. This family played an important role in Hungarian history. The building itself was insignificant until the 19th century when Károlyi Ede inherited it together with its park. He started enormous construction work there and increased the significance of the castle to a great extent. The construction project, which lasted for two decades, was based on the designs of Ybl Miklós.
The state the castle is in at present is highly different from the original designs. Károlyi László, Ede’s son, reconstructed the interrior of the building at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Towards the end of his life, László abandoned the castle and it became unoccupied. From 1938 to 1945 the building was used as a hotel. At the moment, it is open to the public and everyone can enjoy the smell of history inside the building as well as the enchanting park outside.
Our students enjoyed the beauty of Károlyi Castle very much; and we managed to spend some relaxing time in the park, too.
At the end of the day our guests had the opportunity to learn traditional folk dances, which they enjoyed very much. This exercise really made them hungry – so it was a perfect way of awakening the appetite before dinner.