In the morning every group gathered in front of the school. At about 8 o’clock we started our daily programme. It was the project’s second day that we spent working in the same professional teams where we were yesterday. Today most of the teams focused on different aspects of water. 

The active water tourism – group 2. In the morning we started by a small walk to the docks. When we got there we went on the docks and loked atthe boats that were the. We saw beautiful, expensive boats that people can rent after that we talked  little bit about how it is goin on during season for water trafic. Than we went for a boat ride on the river Tisza. We saw how many boats is on the everyday water trafic work. Then we came back for the lunch.  

Group 5’s programme was connected to a lake called Tarcali Kengyel- lake. Its director Zsolt Kovács presented the lake’s fish-culture waterfarm in its present state and the plans for development. After his presentations we took part in a special tour guiding done in boats on the lake. After lunch we visited the backwaters of Rakamaz, where we observed the natural succession of lakes regarding plants, birds, fish. What is more, we made some water-chemical measurements. Its results we are going to compare with the data we collected yesterday.  

Group 7 visited the Oneological Research Institute between Tokaj and Tarcal. They focused on the different types of grapes collections. Othet than that, the classical Tokaj Foothills types here, they made an experiment on producing more kinds. Further more they even examined the impact of climates changes on these grapes. For instance how do types of grapes react on lack of water. They even wisited some wineriers in Tokaj whic is maintained by a lovely family. It’s called the Erdos Winery in the Szerelmi Sub-basement and they went there by foot. 

After the profeccional programme we had a game called 1 minute and you win. All of us enjoyed it very much.