Day 2 started without any problems. After getting together each team left the school building and began their work either on the field or in the school-lab. Every participant emjoyed their day and this is their summary.

Team 1 (Methodes, means and challenges in environmental conservation in the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region as a World Heritage Cultural Landscape)

 Today, on Tuesday we were with team 1 and we went on a canoe tour on the river Tisza. It was very exciting. We felt like in an adventure movie. We saw lot of fish, water plants and new kinds of birds. Today is a lucky day because we didn’t have any accident. In the afternoon the team made a presentation about these two days together.

Team 2 (Soil quality and its influence on wine quality)

Today this team was studying the soil from 2 different vineyards and grape juices collected from the vineyards in autumn. Their hypotesis was that the mineral concentration of soil have influence on grapes and wine. On Monday, they were collecting soil samples from different places, than they mixed the sample with a solution to show the soil’s condition and composition. On Tuesday, they put the another soil sample into a machine to separate the smaller and bigger pieces of soil, because they have to measure the granule. In another room, they measured the grape juice’s acidity, with a special procedure, called titration. 
In the afternoon the team did digital work and processed all data.

Team 3 Sylviculture and wild life management of the Zemplén Mountain Ranges and the Bodrogzug

Today we spent such an amazing time sightseeing the beautiful town of Sárospatak. Right before that we took part in a lecture about the Hungarian forests and geography. We were guided by a very decent crew in order to gain some knowledge about the Hungarian flora as well as the country itself. We drove into the woods to witness the very cut of bunch of trees. Lockely nothing fell on our heads J. Then we came back safe.

Team 4 The erosion of loess soil in the World Heritage Tokaj-Hill

This team had a field practice in a hollow way behind the school on the slope called Tehéntánc (Cow dance) and they went to the famous Tokaj-Hétszőlő Vineyard to study erosion.

Team 5 The introduction of Tokaj Culture Region through history

In the morning we visited two Museums. The first one was the Tokaj wine museum. It was all about wine. We saw the ten different European world heritage wine regions like Wachau in Austria, Neusiedler See also in Austria, Mittelrhein in Germany, Tokaj, were we are at the moment, and some other regions in Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland.

The second museum we visited was the museum of tokaj. There we saw a lot of ancient things from Tokaj. This wasn´t as interesting as the first museum. We also visited a Jewish Synagogue. It isn´t used as one anymore, but weddings and other events are taking place there. In the afternoon we were driving with boats to an old castle, where we had to deal with a lot of mosquitos. But all in all it was really interesting. In the afternoon we visited the House of Wines and Rákóczi cellar.

Team 6 Investments in tourism of Tokaj World Heritage Site

In the morning everybody oft the group go a bicycle with which we drove to several places. We drove to a former Jewish church. The church was destroyed and rebuildet and there also was a monument for dead Jews When they make a prayer, they lay a stone next to the monument. After that we went to the Tokaj-museum. Later we drove to Tokaji Fesziválkatlan in which about 2700 people had space. In the afternoon we visitied projects financed with EU resources in Tokaj and in Tarcal (Christ Statue, Stone- mine lake, Kikelet Winery) and in  Bodrogkeresztúr by bicycle.

This day is closed with two special programs for all participants. The first one a typical Hungarian dinner with traditional goulash made in a stew-pot in the schoolyard.

After tasting and enjoying the goulash there is a team building game called  “1Minute to Win”.